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the f-word: a mix for fellow angry feminists (coverart inspired by)

01. flawless*** - beyonce, 02. bad girls - m.i.a, 03. hollaback girl - gwen stefani, 04. sex yeah - marina and the diamonds, 05. that’s not my name - the ting tings, 06. she’s a genius - jet, 07. can’t hold us down - christina aguilera and lil kim, 08. one girl revolution - superchick, 09. u + ur hand - p!nk, 10. i love it (i don’t care) - icona pop, 11. she can get it - kevin rudolf, 12. i don’t need a man - the pussycat dolls, 13. really don’t care - demi lovato, 14. salute - little mix

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walk into the club like wait nevermind can we go home

Hamda Al Fahim fall 2012

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Taylor Swift songs for Zodiac Signs -Analysis


Just in case you were curious as to why I picked the songs, here is the explanation for each:). 

Aries: The Way I loved You- Aries are described as creative, competitive, restless, brave, and energetic. The way I loved you is a song that was written from the point of view of craving that implusivity and creativity that Taylor’s current boyfriend couldn’t give her. It makes this song perfect for an aries. 

Taurus: Mine- Taurus are patient, watchful, affectionate, stable and down to earth. Mine is a song that explores the innerworkings of a stable long term relationship. Since they both share this stablitity and also the affection, ‘Mine’ is a song that matches the Taurus wonderfully. 

Gemini: Dear John- Dear john is a song that is basically a story about how an older man took advantage of an innocent young girl. Gemini’s are known for being young at heart and more child-like, which makes a situation like this much more likely for the Gemini. 

Cancer: Red- Cancer’s are very emotional, sensitive, reactive and responsive people, and Red is a song that directly taps into the emotions and processes them in a way that Taylor could understand. Cancer’s probably have a similar way of dealing with emotions due to their sensitivity so it only makes sense for Red to be the target song for this group. 

Leo: Treacherous- Leo’s are very proud, ambitious and risk taking individuals. Jump then fall could also make a good match for this type, but the leo’s passion is more associated with the feelings in treacherous. They know when to take a risk and when it’s worth it. 

Virgo: All Too Well- Virgo’s are very logical, efficient, and hard-working people. They don’t open up to people easily, but are loyal when they do. Virgo’s often have trouble processing their emotions, and Taylor went through a similar feeling when writing all too well. The song was simply stating the facts because she couldn’t make many metaphors, and is similar to how a virgo would process and react to heartbreak. 

Libra: Tell Me Why- Libra’s are very sociable, affectionate, kind and loving individuals. They are usually indecisive about things and Tell Me Why is a perfect example of a Libra giving too much of their kind souls and not being able to understand why they didn’t care as much. 

Scorpio: Better Than Revenge- Intense, possessive, and quiet describe the Scorpio well. They do not take kindly to people who take without asking and are malicious when betrayed. Better than revenge is a song that uses sarcasm and low blows in order to make the point, which is similar to a scorpio’s wrath. 

Sagittarius: Spark’s Fly- Sagittarius’ are very captivating, sensual, impulsive, and passionate which makes sparks fly a near perfect fit. Like taylor herself, they are very quiet but will go after what they want. They make up their mind’s quickly and are rarely wrong about their intuition. 

Capricorn: Story of Us- The capricorn is very reliable, stable and patient and would not take kindly to things running a muck. They are perfectionists and crave the oh so perfect relationship. Story of us is a song that reacts similar to how the capricorn would given that relationship scenario. 

Aquarius: Mary’s Song- These individual’s are very future oriented, and would take traditional values and their own impulsivity to do some of the things that are done in mary’s song. They are very loyal and would stay with the same person for more than 60 years for sure. 

Pisces: Last Kiss- Pisces are the dreamers. They are very sensitive and are often lost in their own heads. They also love very deeply which would mean a heart break like the one depicted in Last Kiss would wound them very hard. They would have dreamt up all kind’s of scenarios for the future and having them crushed would do untold damage to their heart. Last kiss is a song that could have been written by a pisces heart.



the slytherins making a drinking game where they take a shot every time draco malfoy talks about harry potter

also known as the night Madam Pomfrey had to save an entire dormitory from alcohol poisoning

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